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Our Services

What We Offer

Wedding Party

Through years of weddings, Shri Ram caterers and his incredible staff know that you need more from your caterer than great food - you need great service! So our staff takes great pride in taking care of everything, from preparation to cleanup, allowing you to focus on spending more quality time celebrating your wedding rather than worrying about the food or other event details.

We offer amazing food at incredible prices , we have no hidden fees or charges. We you sit down with us, everything is explained and all the pricing is described and clearly denoted. Our customer service is what makes us really the best wedding caterer around.We are adding new dishes on a regular basis. We serve traditional, elegant food with a contemporary flair. All of our food is homemade with fresh ingredients.We love it when our clients want to select each and every item personally, and are happy to fully customize your entire menu.


We make sure that we compliment you by serving the best food for your special occasions. At Bunty Caterers, we make sure that the flavour of your Engagement lingers on long after the celebrations.

Birthday Party

These days, the trends of rejoicing beautiful moments have become very close to hearts of people. Everyone wants to celebrate the little happiness to create beautiful and happier memories for lifetime. This is the key of living a joyous life ahead and keeping it revamped with latest entertainment options. People living in hectic life pace of metropolitans are always engaged in the finding excellent ways to enjoy a lot.

Theme party

Theme parties have become the latest trend to have fun time with friends. To make a theme happen all the items to be used in the event are created in the line of the theme like plates, decoration, dresses, food etc.The decoration of the venue can also be shaped up in differene types like beach, ship, vehicle etc. The real benefit of themes is that they help you to choose the food, decorations, music and games to make that party work for you.
We are specialized in organizing theme parties. We have been organizing these types of events for all categories and age groups like children, adults, office colleagues etc.

Corporate Party

What do you want your event to achieve? What result are you looking for? Maybe it's to change the way people see your company. It could be to raise interest in a new venture, or a new product or service. You might simply want to bring people together to celebrate success.

Get together Party

We are a company that is engaged in offering a wide range of services to the customers and they are inclusive of the Get Together Events which we organize for the customers on time as per their requirements. These services are carried out by trained professionals who are well equipped with their jobs and these services have been priced at very reasonable rates in the market. These events are organized in a very efficient manner by our staff.

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